The Magnetostatics in Positioning Systems.


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Magnetostatics is the study of static magnetic fields.


This is the unique power of magnetism. Without exerting physical force, a magnet can influence every kind of matter in different ways. For example, when you hold a photo on your refrigerator with a magnet, its held in place by the magnets' interaction with the metal. This "strong attraction" is a characteristic of ferric metals made from iron, the most abundant element in our Earth (more than 30%). A thin stream of water is attracted to a strong magnet, and the water is said to be paramagnetic . A candle flame will be repelled by a magnet due to their diamagnetic interaction. Everyone has seen the effect of a magnet and iron filings. They align from one pole of the magnet around to the opposite pole. They become magnets themselves during this process due to their ferromagnetic properties.

This phenomenon is what we have based our understanding of magnetism on for almost 200 years. Maxwell's equations are derived from this bipolar example. Also, the Biot-Savart law specifies a magnetic field as a steady distributed current by utilizing the same experiment. These patterns of iron filings are a representation of the magnets' current, or its "B-field".

In the early 1960's, Dr. Richard Feynman lectured on the existence of magnetic vector fields. By the mid 1970's, an independent researcher by the name of Howard Johnson successfully mapped a magnets' vector fields by using a hall-effect device coupled with a personal computer. His discovery has led researchers into a new direction in the study of magnetism that he called "Spintronics". A variety of new devices have emerged from this electron spin theory and the calculations of a magnets' A-field.

There is much we can gain from our continued study of magnetism, a most powerful and primal force of nature.

Flux Resonator - The Facts

Flux Resonator
  1. 1. The Flux Resonator can reveal a magnet's true vector potential.
  2. 2. Electricity is not necessary to view these images. I have used the Sun, a candle, the planet Mars and even our Moon as light sources.
    3. In real-life, these images appear as 3 dimensional transmission holograms to our naked eyes.
  3. 4. The images you view in the gallery were captured using a Canon S230 digital camera.
  4. 5. Digital is easier for me to work with than film, and is less costly to reproduce.
  5. 6. Most of my gallery images have been cropped and re-sized in Adobe Photoshop.
  6. 7. None of the gallery images have been artificially produced or enhanced in any way.

Your Flux Resonator is guaranteed to function with a minimum white light source of 1 candle power within 3 inches (7.6 cm) from the flat surface of the glass and a minimum magnetic strength of .25 Tesla (2500 Gauss) directly applied to top or bottom surface of the flux resonator. Repair or replacement will be decided by the manufacturer, based on the size and quality of your original flux resonator. This warranty is void if the glass is cracked, chipped or broken. Buyer must pay for shipping to seller.